Friday, July 10, 2009

The Perfect Music for Hauling Lobster

Luckily, the Captain listens to the local classic rock station (WBLM). I have come to realize that some music is perfect for hauling lobster.

So, rather than attempt to explain perfection, I will simply embed.


  1. Hey, Will, I knew you linked to my blog, but I had no idea you were a sternie! I spent all my childhood and most of my 20's doing the same thing in Boston. Has your catch started picking up after the summer shed yet?

    Btb, my captain and I used to sing all day, making up foul lyrics to classic rock songs when fishing was slow, which is most of the time in Boston Harbor.

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the comments. I haven't been working long enough to have noticed any difference in the catch however.