Friday, July 24, 2009

Radio Conversation

"What's the price at Joe?"
"I'll let you brace yourself."
"Alright, go ahead."
"two dollars."
"Jesus Christ!"
"And yet they still can charge $25 for a Lobster dinner."
"It's awfully expensive butter."


  1. Don't you mean "Buttah?"

    I've got a little 25 foot hull that I built, and I've been thinking about finishing it to haul gear, get back to what I used to love, but for $2 a pound, I'm going to sit in my basement and hit myself in the head with a hammer, and save money.

    No, all kidding aside, just wait until someone has to let their sternie go and gets themselves killed working singlehanded this fall. That's the real cost of $2 a pound.

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the comment.

    It's quite frustrating to do the same amount of work, but make less money