Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A taste of Bilge water

At 3:30 this morning I awoke to pouring rain. My rain gear is on the boat, the boat's anchored out, how am I going to stay dry?

4:45 at the pier. A momentary let up in the rain, I would be able to head out to the boat and put on rain gear before the rain started back up. It appears I will stay dry today.

I met up with the captain, and we walked down the pier. He sat down in the stern of the small skiff and fired up the outboard. I untied the bow and jumped into the skiff. We headed directly for the boat. He steered alongside the boat and leaped aboard, leaving me in the skiff.
"Take the skiff back Will" He said.
I made my way to the stern of the skiff, grabbed the outboard and carefully wiped all water off of the seat before sitting down. I put the outboard into gear, and gave it a little gas. That's when I saw it. The bilge pump had been turned on, spraying water directly into my path. I only had time to issue a "ahhhshit" before I was doused with bilge water.

4:50 on the pier. Soaking wet, waiting for the lobster boat to pull alongside. Not gonna be a dry day after all.


  1. The only thing worse, to me, is when the guy on the pointy end gooses the throttle in the morning, sending any pooled water from the overhead directly onto the sternman while he's baiting bags.