Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watson's General Store

After a long day of fishing the Captain and I were headed back to the wharf in the skiff. There was a small pleasure boat on a parallel course with us. They appeared to be heading to the neighboring wharf.

When we were close enough to the wharf I leaped out to tie up the skiff. I glanced around for the small boat and saw it about 25 feet away, the driver waiting for someone to see him. Taking advantage of my quick glance the driver shouted:
"Do you know where Watson's is?" I shrugged, unable to describe the location of the fifth generation general store. I turned to the captain and pointed at the boat:
"They wanna know where Watson's is." I said.
The Captain turned towards the boat and said: "It's down there by those traps"
"It's down by all those stacked traps." yelled the Captain.
"Thank you" they shouted as the rounded they wharf and headed towards the stacked traps.

As we walked down the wharf the Captain sighed and shook his head: "I don't know why they couldn't find it. It's only been there for 300 fucking years."

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